Student Council
Student Council is an organization that plans many of the events at Bartlett High School, such as Pep Assemblies and Homecoming Week. We also do volunteer work, such as organize a food drive, holiday gift collection, work student registration days, and give appreciation gifts to teachers and support staff. If you want to be involved in deciding Homecoming activities and help around school, Student Council needs your help. Honorary members of Student Council meet once a month and attend all mandatory events. 8th hour members meet every day during 8th period instead of having a study hall. This group does most of the work for Student Council. First semester is very busy for Student Council and the 8th hour class may be busy 2 or 3 days a week. The other days you have opportunity to do your homework. Second semester the 8th hour class may only meet once a week, or not at all, and there is plenty of opportunity to do homework. School work always takes first priority, so if you need to miss a Student Council meeting to meet with a teacher or work on an assignment, that is excused.

Please fill out the application and either mail it to the address on the back or drop it off in the main office at Bartlett High School. You must choose to apply for honorary or 8th hour membership. All students who apply for Student Council are accepted, however only 30 students can be in the 8th hour class because of space in the classroom. In May we will send a calendar of mandatory events to all members and at that time you will find out if you were placed into the 8th hour class.

We hope that you will consider becoming a member of Student Council and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming years at Bartlett High School. If you have any questions, please call me at (630) 372-4700 x4098 or email me at

Mrs. Gac

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