Please email me at if you have questions about any assignment. This is just a quick list of assignment due dates to help you keep organized!

Final Exam Calculator - Final is worth 15% of overall grade. You will need to make a copy of the file in order to change the numbers.

Second Semester

Final Exam Review

Last Unit test- Thursday May 18

Due May 12- Contract with America ReadingDue Tues May 9- Conservatives Worksheet
Due Wed 4/26- Middle East Map
Exam- Vietnam Fri 4/21
Due April 19- Interview Project (Summative)
Due April 17- Women's Rights Packet
Due April 4- Vietnam Terms and Things They Carried Reading Questions

Due 3/24- Malcolm X Movie Reflection
March 17- Civil Rights Test Quiz on JFK/LBJ- Thursday 3/9 Due 3/8- Civil Rights Vocab Due 2/24- Great Society DBQ chart
RESEARCH PROJECT!! Due Tuesday Feb 21
You must choose to complete a Poster OR a Powerpoint/GoogleSlides, AND must turn in a 2 page research paper. See rubric for specific requirements. Any rough drafts are due by 2/15. This is a summative assignment, and must be completed to earn credit in the class. If you choose to redo the project after the grades are posted, you will need to select another topic and complete the new project by 4/21 to replace the original grade.

Exam- Cold War/1950s Thursday 2/16

Due 2/7- Cold War terms & Map

Exam on WWII- Thurs 2/2
Due 1/31- Typed Essay:Under what circumstances is it ok for the United States government to limit the rights of its citizens? Must be submitted to turnitin.comSee reading for rubric and additional details.

Due 1/12- In class Homefront Movie: List 10 things that surprised you in the documentary Homefront movie
Interview with George Takei about Japanese Internment Camps InterviewMovie The Wave, about the use of propaganda and influence over people The Wave
Due 1/12- Vocabulary Due 1/12- Night reading questions (answer on a separate sheet)