Please email me at if you have questions about any assignment. This is just a quick list of assignment due dates to help you keep organized!

Final Exam Calculator - Final is worth 15% of overall grade. You will need to make a copy of the file in order to change the numbers.

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Essay Contest-

Second Semester

RESEARCH PROJECT Due 2/21 Must complete a research paper and either a Poster or Powerpoint. This is summative, so required to earn credit for the class. Codes: 5th 16466738, password 5gac2017-18; 7th 16466749, password 7gac2017-18

Ozzie & Harriet Episode 1950s Television

Due 2/18- JFK Quote analysis

Due 2/13- McCarthyism Cartoons

Due 2/12- Seven Deadly Teenage Sins

Due Friday 2/9- Cold War Map and Vocab terms

Exam 1- WWII: Friday February 2nd WWII Map Practice

Due Fri 1/26- Essay on Japanese Internment (to

Due Thurs 1/25- Atomic Bomb Simulation Group Work (See Google Classroom to submit assignment) and Reflection due Monday

Due Tues 1/23- Battles of WWII ranking (See Google Classroom to submit assignment)

Due Tues 1/16- Homefront movie: Make a list of 10 Things that you learned or that surprised you in the movie

Optional Resource: Japanese Internment description

Optional resource: The WAVE- Movie about how people can believe propaganda
Due Fri 1/12- Vocab WWII & Cold War

Due Tues 1/16- Night Holocaust Reading Questions

First Semester

Final Exam Review Sheet
Exam- Friday November 30th Great Depression
Due Tues 11/21- Hoover/FDR Opinion Writing Submit in 5th 16466738, password 5gac2017-18;
7th 16466749, password 7gac2017-18

Due Fri 11/17- Breadlines Reading Questions. Answer the 3 questions for each of the two readings.

Due Fri 11/17- New Deal Chart
Exam- 1920s Tuesday 11/14

Due Thurs 11/9- Washington/DuBois Letter (See Google Classroom)
Due Fri 11/3- Vocab 1920s/ Great Depression
Exam- WWI Tues 10/31
Due Friday 10/20- WWI Packet
Exam 3- Progressives and Imperialism Thursday 10/19
Due Thurs 10/19- Imperialism Essay to 5th 16466738, password 5gac2017-18; 7th 16466749, password 7gac2017-18

Due October 6th- Family History Project You can turn in typed copy, or submit in Google Classroom.

Due Oct 6th- Modern Day Progressives (Assignment due in Google Classroom)

Due Wed Oct 4- Vocab Unit 3 Imperialism and Imperialism Map

Exam 2- Thursday Sept 28

Due Thurs 9/21- Tenement Museum Observations (Complete in Google Classroom)

Due Monday 9/18- Working Conditions Reading Observations

Due Friday 9/15- Vocab Unit 2 Industrialization
Exam 1- Wednesday 9/13

Due Fri 9/8- Westward Expansion Outline (Submit in Google Classroom)
Due Friday 9/1- Amistad Questions

Due Thurs 8/31- Analyzing Sides of the Civil War Chart
Quiz Tuesday 8/29- US Map

Due Monday 9/28- Frederick Douglass packet and Amistad permission slip

Due Friday 8/25- Vocab Unit 1 and Road to the Civil War chart
Due Monday 8/21- See syllabus for the 3 Logins: Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, and the Online Textbook

Due Friday 8/18- Top 10 List and Ship List