5 Themes of World History: Origins of Civilization, Comparative Religion, Major Economic Systems, Major Political Systems and Ideologies, Cultural Interaction
See Detailed List of Illinois Standards, Essential Questions, and topics to be covered.

World History 1st Quarter Learning Targets

1. I can identify the following characteristics of civilization that developed from the Neolithic Era (writing, cities, complex institutions, job specialization, and advanced technology).
2. I can identify major beliefs of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
3. I can identify the major systems of government:monarchy, democracy, aristocracy, republic, oligarchy.
4. I can identify the impact that geography had on early civilizations.
5. I can find the following items on a world map:the 7 continents, the four oceans, Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, the Italian Peninsula, the Greek Peninsula, China, India.

Quarter 1 Vocabulary: artifact, artisan, bureaucracy, covenant, dynasty, hierarchy, prophet, caste, feudalism, karma, patriarchal, reincarnation, aristocratic, rhetoric, heresy, martyr, mercenary, republic, sect

World History 2nd Quarter Learning Targets
1. I can differentiate between different styles of architecture: Romanesque, Gothic, and Islamic.
2.I can identify differences of belief between Christianity and Islam.
3.I can identify how feudalism shaped Medieval Europe:social classes, government, and the manor economy.
Quarter 2 Content Area Vocabulary:
autocrat, capital, hajj, lineage, mosque, schism, secular, vernacular

World History 3rd Quarter Learning Targets
1. I can identify characteristics of Renaissance Art: perspective and humanism.
2. I can identify the difference of belief in major Christian sects: Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Calvinism.
3. I can identify the impact of European exploration: Columbian Exchange, economic impact on Europe, African slave trade.
4. I can explain the difference between the Enlightenment philosophies of liberalism and conservatism.
Quarter 3 Vocabulary: annul, capitalism, entrepreneur, humanism, patron, recant, inflation, laissez-faire, deficit spending, guerilla warfare, suffrage, socialism, communism, nationalism

World History Quarter 4 Learning Targets
1. I can explain the difference between major economic systems: capitalism, socialism, and communism
2. I can identify how nationalism affected various European countries:Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.
3.I can identify arguments used to justify imperialism as well as anti-imperialist arguments.
4.I can identify and explain the 4 main causes of World War I:nationalism, imperialism, militarism, alliance system.
5.I can locate the countries of Europe on the map of Europe immediately following World War I.

Quarter 4 Vocabulary:
autonomy, refugee, coalition, indigenous, armistice, atrocity, mobilize, ultimatum, command economy, genocide, imperialism, propaganda