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Online Map Games

Link to Music styles throughout history

Final Exam Grade Calculator Calculator Make a copy of the file and then you can change the numbers. Exam is worth 20% of overall grade.

Second SemesterFinal Exam Review 4th Quarter Test- Tuesday May 23
Russian Quiz- Monday May 22
Presentations of Country Research May 15-22
Exam- Thursday 5/4 World War I Due Fri 4/28- WWI Vocab and Maps
Due Wed 4/12- Imperialism Charts Due Mon 4/10- Imperialism Vocab Exam- Chapters 13 (Industrialization) and 14 (Nationalism) Thursday April 6th Due Thurs 4/6- 3rd Quarter Remediation for those that did not get a 2 or better on 3rd Qtr test Quarter Test Wednesday 3/15; Vocab due 3/15

Exam- French Revolution: Tuesday 3/14
Due 3/6- Napoleon Worksheet
Due 3/1- French Revolution Document Based Questions
Due March 1- Vocab
Due 2/28- Declaration of the Rights of Man
Exam- Enlightenment Wednesday 2/22
Research Project!!! Due February 15th. You must complete either a Powerpoint/Google Slides Presentation OR turn in a Poster. Last day for Rough Draft is 2/13. If you choose to redo the project after the grades are posted, you will need to select another topic and complete the new project by 3/10 to replace the original grade.
Due Thurs 2/9- Enlightenment Thinker Quotes
Due Tues 2/7- Enlightenment Vocab
Exam 2- Exploration
Due 1/26- Two Views of Treatment of Indians

Due Tues Jan 24- Vocab 2
Exam 1- Friday Jan 20 Chapter 10 Renaissance and Reformation

Due 1/16- Vocab Unit 1
Due 1/10- Machiavelli Packet

First Semester