Please email me at if you have questions about any assignment. This is just a quick list of assignment due dates to help you keep organized!

ONLINE TEXTBOOK!!! To login, use CLEVER. It uses the same login as your school email. Once in Clever, Click on Pearson Easy Bridge. This should take you to the book!

Online Map Games

Link to Music styles throughout history

Final Exam Grade Calculator Calculator Make a copy of the file and then you can change the numbers. Exam is worth 20% of overall grade.

Essay Contest- Due February 5

Second Semester
RESEARCH PROJECT due 2/20 See PPT for hlpful hints on how to do Works cited.
Topic Selection 1/25, Rough Draft due to by 3pm on 2/15 (Not required), Project due 2/20 (Poster or file uploaded to Google Classroom), Retakes by 3/19

Final Exam Review Sheet

Country Project- Must turn in to Google Classroom

4th Quarter Exam Thursday May 10

Test on WWI Tuesday May 1
Due Wed 4/25- WWI Vocab and WWI Map Test 4/17- Chapters 13 (Industrialization), 14 (Nationalism), and 15 (Imperialism) Review Sheet
Due 4/16- Just answer questions 1 & 2 Due 4/6- Imperialism Charts Due Thurs 4/5- Imperialism Vocab 3rd Quarter test Friday 3/16-
Due Thurs 3/15- Industrialization paragraph Exam- Tues 3/13 French Revolution Due March 6- French Revolution DBQ and Napoleon Worksheet Due Tues 2/ 27- French Revolution Vocab
Exam- Thursday 2/22 Enlightenment
Press Conference Chart Information about Historical Figures to use for filling in the Chart
Due Fri 2/23- Enlightenment Quotes
Due Fri 2/16- Press Conference ChartDue Monday 2/12- Enlightenment Vocab Exam 2- Exploration and Absolutism Thursday 2/8 Due Tues 1/30- Two Views of Indians Due Fri 1/26- Exploration Vocab
EXAM 1- Renaissance and Reformation Wed 1/24
Art in the Renaissance Sistine Chapel in 3D
Due Thurs 1/11- Machiavelli packet

Due Wed 1/17- Vocab Unit 1 Renaissance Chapter 10
First Semester
Review Sheet for Final Exam and 2nd Quarter tests-
Unit Exam- Friday December 8th Due 12/1- ISIS letter Can be turned in Google Classroom (If you haven't joined yet, 1st hour: elcf7ju 2nd hour: v8jgi4o 3rd hour: n8nei6
Due 12/1- Mayan Reading Due Tues 11/21- Islam Map and Vocab Exam- Middle Ages Friday 11/17 Due Wed 11/15- 3 Outlines in Google Slides Due Tues 10/31- Decameron Plague Reading Questions and Vocab Middle Ages End of 1st Quarter Testing: Wed 10/18 Unit Test Vocab Quiz Thurs 10/19 and Quarter Test Fri 10/20
Due Oct 14- Group Project on Fall of Rome (submit in Google Classroom and

Due Thurs 9/28- Unit 3 Vocab Greece/Rome Due Tues 9/26- Map of Greece Exam 2- Thursday 9/21 Due Fri 9/15- Hinduism/Buddhism Chart Due Tuesday 9/12- Vocab Unit and Confucius Paragraphs
Due Monday 9/11- China & India Maps Unit 1 Exam Thursday 9/7- Quiz Tuesday 8/29- Maps: Locate the 20 items listed.

Due 8/28- Computer Log Ins

Due Thurs 8/24- Vocab Unit 1 and Sports Analogies Paragraph
Due Mon 8/21- Study of History Reading Questions
Due Friday 8/18- Top 10 List