Please email me at if you have questions about any assignment. This is just a quick list of assignment due dates to help you keep organized!

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Online Map Games

Link to Music styles throughout history

Final Exam Grade Calculator Calculator Make a copy of the file and then you can change the numbers. Exam is worth 20% of overall grade.

First Semester

End of 1st Quarter Testing: Wed 10/18 Unit Test Vocab Quiz Thurs 10/19 and Quarter Test Fri 10/20
Due Oct 14- Group Project on Fall of Rome (submit in Google Classroom and

Due Thurs 9/28- Unit 3 Vocab Greece/Rome Due Tues 9/26- Map of Greece Exam 2- Thursday 9/21 Due Fri 9/15- Hinduism/Buddhism Chart Due Tuesday 9/12- Vocab Unit and Confucius Paragraphs
Due Monday 9/11- China & India Maps Unit 1 Exam Thursday 9/7- Quiz Tuesday 8/29- Maps: Locate the 20 items listed.

Due 8/28- Computer Log Ins

Due Thurs 8/24- Vocab Unit 1 and Sports Analogies Paragraph
Due Mon 8/21- Study of History Reading Questions
Due Friday 8/18- Top 10 List